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WHAT we do



We bring in children's content that’s diverse, meaningful and makes viewers question the world & themselves. 


With the curation of 700+ films from 70 countries, for India, UK, Netherlands, France, Morocco & UAE, we’re only just getting started.


We create unique, personalized film programmes,
for educational institutions, film festivals and cultural events across South Asia. 


We acquire and distribute, the best of children's films and series across content platforms in India.



With over 10+ years of creating over 100+ award-winning short films, we understand the need to create original content that caters to Indian children.


It’s important for them to be able to see themselves reflected in what they watch. 


We make insightful, inspiring and engaging podcasts for Indian children of all ages, as well as their parents.


Films and Series: 
We bring Indian stories and characters to life by creating original films and series in India.



Media is a collective experience. 


When young people come together to talk about a story or a film, they get to share their thoughts and ideas. They get to question, understand, empathize and accept. 


And with each story, they grow.


We create interactive events around cinema.
Special workshops and 'meet the filmmakers' sessions centered around a film for young cine-enthusiasts.


We encourage children’s participation in content creation.
We talk to children, understand their struggles, their desires, their needs and represent that in our content.



We provide objective reviews of media consumed by children, based on the themes, values and age-appropriateness.

We offer in-depth review of media libraries, for educational institutions, apps, OTT platforms and television channels.

We organize seminars and events, to bring focus on children’s content in India.

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